Drawing of QR Code

Inspired by the beauty of the QR codes I have been producing I thought it would be an interesting experiment to do a charcoal drawing of the ʇıqɹouıʇuǝɔuıʌ QR code and see if it would still work if you scanned it with your Iphone or Android. Thanks to Our Friends In The South testing out the free NEO software for Iphones I know this experiment has been a success. Just to add to the fun I have created another QR code for the drawing of the QR code, confused yet?

Original drawing 12″ x 12″ on watercolour paper.


© Vincent Kelly 2010.


  1. Your next task Vince is to make some up, and see what happens when you scan them! It could get quite subversive, a bit like those funsters who used to drop made-up CDs into stores just to confuse customers and the staff at the till. Now I’ve got to devise some suitable stickers for the city boundary signs to welcome visitors to the Lib Dem conference… “Home of the Lier Nick Clegg”?

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