Cabinet Of Curiosities | Folio Society Books

In my twenties I subscribed to the FS as I was ploughing my way through classic literature in my autodidactic way, since then I have picked up FS editions of the classics in second-hand book shops and charity shops to replace cheap paper-backs because they usually have a well designed binding and interesting illustrations that have been specially commissioned. I also remember thinking in my youth that I would keep every book I had ever read now I am absolutely ruthless about book retention and very rarely hang on to books in the fiction category unless it is a first edition hard-back, or at least a collectable hard-back edition. I’m afraid there isn’t enough room in the house to keep a copy of everything I read surely that’s what libraries are for?

© Vincent Kelly 2011


  1. Nice selection, Vince. Been thinking about retention schedule for my own books – slowly running out of room but loath to pass them on to others/Oxfam as I do re-read them – some on a regular basis. There’s nothing quite like having a well-designed and produced copy in your hands. However, a cheaper paperback is more portable. My latest discovery is Voltaire and Rousseau ( which literally has piles of books (3ft deep and rising). Lots of FS editions too.

    • My initial reaction to the bookshop link was fantastic another second-hand book shop to visit after looking at the photographs I’m not quite so sure as it could drive me to despair trying to look through the books the way they are piled up pell mell.

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